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About us


We thank to all volunteers who have through the many years of activities, contributed to the creation of better conditions for the development of the Association programs.

In accordance to the Law, the volunteers enter into agreement with the Association and they receive a volunteer card. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us by phone 00385 1 4816 155 or fill out the form and send it by e-mail: udruga@psivodici.hr

  1. Educational and promotional activities are aimed at sensitizing citizens about the humane role of service dogs and the rights of their users. Activities are conducted throughout Croatia and the Association occasionally involves volunteers from local communities.
  2. Association participates with an INFO stand at various events related to the celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the International White Cane Safety Day, World Animal Day, International Dog Show...
  3. Support to service dog users in extraordinary life circumstances (obligations, transport, dog care, free time...). In these activities, students of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and the students of Department of Social Work participate through volunteering and practice, with which the Association achieves long-term cooperation.
  4. The highest number of volunteers are families or individuals in puppy-walking program, who have decided to support the training program of service dogs and take a responsible role in education of puppies. Families are mainly from Zagreb and its surroundings, due to financial and time constraints and cost savings (continuous contact with the program manager, transportation, availability of veterinary care, companionship of puppy-walking families/individuals…).


The puppy-walking program in families is crucial for service dogs’ work 
(guide dog, therapy/rehabilitation dog)!

Choosing a puppy for a service dog, mostly Labrador retriever, starts at the age of 6-8 weeks by testing his genetic predispositions. The first year of growing up and childhood the dog spends in the family who takes care of him until the age of 12 -14 months with the advice and assistance of program manager.

During his stay in the family, in the apartment or in the house, the puppy gets used to all the circumstances in which the family lives. It adopts the basic rules of behaviour and learns basic commands: sit, lie down, place, wait, come, go, walk on a leash ... Likewise, family members lead a puppy at different places where a guide dog could lead a blind person in the future, including the homes of friends and relatives, downtown, shops and shopping centres, theatres, public transportation, etc. In this way, the puppy acquires different experiences, and gets used to different sounds, smells and surfaces.

During the puppy-walking program, Association bears all costs - food, medical care and the necessary equipment for the puppy.

After the successful puppy-walking program, the dog leaves for training – demanding and specific - depending on the dog’s humane role. Gatherings on weekends are a mutual satisfaction and joy that never stops.

Retired people and families with children are the ones who are welcome for a puppy-walking program. However, anyone who is able to spend plenty of time with the puppy can apply to take care of him and teach him regularly. It is necessary that an adult takes care of the dog, and that homes as well as gardens are safe and enclosed.

If you want to have a puppy for a puppy-walking program, please contact the Association at e-mail: info@psivodici.hr.

The program manager will visit you and provide you with information and will answer to all your questions, after which you will decide whether you want to be engaged in the puppy-walking program.


Your dedication, love, humanity and solidarity are an invaluable contribution to the work of the Association.