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About us

Sponsorships and donations

Examples of good practice

The mutual rights and obligations of donors/sponsors and the Association as a project holder, regulates the sponsorship agreement and cooperation in the implementation of relevant projects.

In this way, together we promote values of socially responsible management and their visibility in the community.

The campaign with the Zagrebačka banka "Got some change for the guide dogs?" was associated with a concert by Milanska Scalla, which has been declared a cultural event in year 2004th..

Coca-Cola campaign ″Colours of optimism“, connected the humanitarian purpose and creativity of students of textile design, who designed the original and signed T-shirts and an exclusive series of small Coca-Cola bottles created from the T-shirt elements. The income from these products was intended for guide dogs training, and for the promotion of social sensitivity and the contribution of Coca-Cola in the community.

Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association through its work and activities, binds comfort of service users with a socially legitimate interest of the community through the general utility of this contribution.

Donations take place through various forms:

  • development of the network of small donors through communication at the INFO stands, when a person gets a promotional product of the Association for their contribution
  • purposeful donations e.g., food or medical care for service dogs…
  • purchase of a puppy and the necessary equipment for training

Entering into agreement with Donors:

  • SMEs that donate funds for a period of dog training – puppy walking programme, dog training, or training of future users.

The sponsorship or donation contracts:

  • medium-sized enterprises or companies that donate funds for the entire process of training of one or more service dogs.
  • donating working equipment - computers, office furniture, and equipment for dogs’ training...
  • donating a certain amount of food for the dogs during the training